Hire Me

Why, of course you can hire me. I’m a (hardly) starving college student – you know, that easy demographic that’s still eager enough to take making photocopies as seriously as making microchips! I’ve spent my short two years in college learning skills it takes normal kids years to develop. How, you ask? Simple – my GamerScore isn’t even four digits. I spend my time learning and doing. Isn’t it time I did something for you?


Freelance Writing

Take a little trip over to my writing page – it’s underneath “Portfolio”. I’ve been published at HackCollege, Quick Online Tips, Under30CEO, and Stepcase Lifehack, not to mention my own successful blog, College Info Geek. If you need a freelance writer to whip up something about college, entrepreneurship, productivity, or technology, then you want to hire me. For a blog post, my fee is anywhere from $15-$35, depending on the length.



I posted this on Y Combinator; it’s only fitting that it should go here, unedited:

You wanna be awesome? You bet you do. I can see it tattooed on your forehead. It says “I wanna be awesome”.

Right underneath that, it says, “I want my WordPress blog to be awesome too. Please?”

Maybe Xzibit can pimp your ride and make you awesome, but guess what homesauce – I can make your WordPress blog awesome.

I’m a critic, and I’ll critique the hell outta that WordPress blog you’ve got. Design, SEO, plugins, security, branding, navigation, post titles, and all that grammar. Whatever, player. You want it to shine? I’ll do more than spit on it. I’ll give you the insight you need make it awesome; awesome enough to pony up the cash for a laser tattoo removal. Maybe awesome enough to call up Xzibit and not have your voice crack when you ask for some new hubcaps. Word.

By the way, if you don’t already have something up to critique, I can still help you out. I know WordPress pretty darn well, and I can get you up and running the right way, fast. Here are some options:

  • SEO setup – $45
  • Security Setup – $100 (includes plugin installation and core modifications)
  • Complete WordPress Setup – $300
    • WordPress installation
    • Domain propagation
    • Page structure setup
    • SEO setup
    • Security Setup
    • Theme installation (no customizations)
  • Email Newsletter Signup Form – $30
  • Theme customizations – $45/hr
  • WordPress Hosting – $5/month (yeah, I run my own hosting service. No biggie.)



I’d like to have a video up here to show you, but I haven’t been videotaped speaking at an event yet. I’m currently in the process of getting speaking engagements; however, I’m taking a speech communication minor, and I’ve pulled straight A’s in my speech classes. I’ve also given a campaign speech to 500 BPA members and presented class registration information to 400 parents and students during five separate student orientations.

My public speaking experience is just beginning, but it’s where I’m heading. If you need a speaker to talk to high school students or college freshmen, I’ll do it for super-cheap (or free, depending on the distance). I’ve certainly got the experience under my belt to tell students how to succeed – just have a  look around this site and over at College Info Geek.